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The marked rejuvenating action of Radioporation Square-Tech® is performed by stimulating the production of new collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin to redensify the dermis from inside. View Services



Combined with cryostimulation producing a hot-cold effect to stimulate collagen while promoting elasticity and vitality. Mesotherapy without needles to penetrate the skin for hydration and cell renewal. View Services

Specific treatments body contouring

The prestigious HR77 Platinum Anniversary is highlighted through the flow of results derived from years of studies performed by doctors, specialists and professionals, on thousands of cases treated all over the world. View Services

Anti Aging

04.Fast Safe & Non Invasive

Today HR77 Platinum Anniversary is the undisputed leader of Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive Fast Lipo Body Contouring & Antiage. View Services


City Clinic is the solution for all those looking for something different, fresh, new, never seen before! View Services

Check UP


XCUBE’s unique detection system requires only 19 seconds for a complete anatomical body visual screening. View Services

The Place

07.Comfortable and Elegant Background

The team of designers focused on the search for innovative materials and pure lines ad details in order to be even more successful in highlighting the innovative technologies and top brands of the Eximia family. View Services


08.Specialized Experts

Today Eximia is a Concept and one of the most famous companies in the world, with a high profile production and opens the Eximia Clinic all over the world, where it contains all its exclusive and Made in Italy excellences. View Services

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Effective aesthetic solutions non-surgical and non-invasive

EXIMIACONCEPT has as its objective the results in terms of FAST BODY CONTOURING & ANTI AGING, the keystone that opens towards a future made of specialization, identification of professionalism and technological progress.

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