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In 1997, the brothers Emma and Luciano Soldano decided to give shape to their “great dream” that would bring the simple beautician to Specialist of Beauty and Wellness.The first prototype named “RESOLUTION SEVEN”, was a pneumatic massage system with “orbital passive roller” at three stages of action: pause, suction and “POSITIVE PRESSURE”, which became the real revolution in mechanical massage of beauty devices and revolutionized the concept brought forward by the traditional systems in use that time. In 2007 arrives the first version of Eximia. There have been 10 years of constant and continuous researches and experiments that gave birth to the innovative system of new generation –thanks to the ingenious insight of the first project “RESOLUTION SEVEN” and to development of new technologies – EXIMIA has become a reality in the beauty industry, Internationally recognized by growing positive feedback.In 2017, another 10 years have passed, evolution itinerary has led us to
introduce the new mult- tech EXIMIA HR77 PLATINUM and EXIMIA HR77
PLATINUM ANNIVERSARY. BIONIX WORLD is continuing to spread its excellent method in advanced and innovative world, with great success.

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