Results-oriented active body contouring

EXIMIAMED 7.0 is the perfect and decisive solution for the beauty, aesthetic harmony and well-being of the face and body.

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In 2021 Eximia receives the most important recognition such as Medical Certifications.

The new EximiaMed7.0 is positioned as a non-invasive multi-technology, recognized for skin regeneration, rapid body remodeling and anti-aging. Today Eximia is a Concept and one of the most famous companies in the world, with a high profile production and opens the Eximia Clinic all over the world, where it contains all its exclusive and Made in Italy excellences from technologies to furniture design, arriving at the latest discoveries also in the cosmetic field, all based on an experience that has developed and evolved for 25 years.


  • AFFIDABLE: scientifically proven results
  • EFFECTS: some patients get an average reduction in total circumference from 2.5 cm to 5.8 cm
  • VELOCITY': reduces application time by 50%
  • SODDISATION no pain or discomfort during the session, the patient can immediately return to his everyday life.


  • Improve skin +90%
  • Improve tone +80%
  • Improve wrinkles by 77%
  • 100% customer satisfaction




Exfoliation not invasive delicate but deep that, using diamond heads with a system of “pumped rhythmic vacuum”

EMPV pneumatic massage (vacuum)

Vacuum massage causes structural changes that lead to improvement of acne symptoms. Delicate endodermal massage with lifting effect. Refreshes the complexion, rejuvenates and restores skin tissue

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THERE' EMPVEN is an exfoliation procedure not invasive delicate but deep that, using diamond heads of various sizes and grains, exfoliates and removes dead cells from the surface layers with a system of “rhythmic vacuum pulsated”, which induces a kind of aspiration, mobilization and release of the skin. THE EMPV improves oxygenation, rehydrated and renews the appearance of the skin, promotes metabolism accelerating revitalization processes.

"Awaken the vitality of the skin"

This particular technique, in addition to the controlled removal of the most superficial layers of the skin of the face and body, has the aim of "correcting" and attenuating aesthetic imperfections, but above all of preparing the skin through a deep exfoliation, stimulating in this phase the reactivation to improve the performance of subsequent applications. The synchronous and combined action of the diamond head and the "pulsed rhythmic vacuum" contributes to a real awakening of the vitality of the tissues and allows the effectiveness of subsequent applications to be enhanced.


Combined mechanical stimulation of rhythmic massage with mobile-passive rollers irradiated with Bipolar RF

VLEP electroporation + led + vibration

Unique and effective alternative to surgical liposuction. Simultaneous action of LED laser radiation, electroporation and vibration for the non-invasive activation of subcutaneous adipose tissue.

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LED LED: light energy acts on soft/addiposed tissues and lymphatic system. Vibration: slows the accumulation of fat and reduces adipose. Electroporation: opening of cellular pores for the release of lipids by adipocytes.
A single handpiece simultaneously uses the LED light technique, a vibration that is transmitted to the body area to be treated. Device that simultaneously uses LED light, vibration and electroporation.

"Devolume fat"

VLEP stimulates the activation of a natural process aimed at reducing the volume of the adipose areas even more extensive. VLEP allows to activate the process of emulsification of fat cells, triggered by photobiomodulation through a specific light spectrum and intracellular injection of active molecules, without any damage to tissues and skin. A specific activity develops through cellular activation (mytochondry) that promotes the formation of transient micropours on adipocytes allowing the release of lipids. Thus, an increase in fat mobility is achieved, with a significant reduction in the volume of fat accumulation present in the tissues.


Combined mechanical stimulation rhythm massage with mobile-passive rollers radiated with RF-Bipolar

MPRF pneumatic massage (vacuum) + radiofrequency

The PATENTED* connective massage involves the simultaneous action of the pneumatic system and bipolar resistive radiofrequency to stimulate the deep connective tissue and the lymphatic system.

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MPRF combined mechanical stimulation

MPRF is a combined mechanical stimulation of rhythmic massage with radiated mobile-passive rollers with RF-Bipolar. MPRF acts as a real gymnastics for skin and adipose tissues, softening them and defibrotizing them. At the same time, it allows to weaken adipose accumulations and to immediately activate blood and lymphatic circulation.

Deep heating, generated from the irradiation of bipolar radiofrequency in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, promotes the production of new collagen and elastin fibers through fibroblast stimulation.

The synchronous, rhythmic and synergistic combination of MPRF therefore acts on connective tissue and adipose tissue, effectively counteracting Cellulite in its evolutionary phases.

The power and rhythm of the aspiration are regulated by specific preset programs and define greater tissue receptivity to subsequent treatments thanks to the significant improvement of their oxygenation.

"Depotentiate" cellulite

All the inestetisms that characterize cellulite are evidenced as skin depressions, resulting from the tension that the fibrous thickened sects exert downward in the direction perpendicular to the skin surface.

The visible aesthetic alterations called “orange peel” are due to excessive fat accumulation in adipocytes resulting in increased volume associated with water retention throughout the surrounding area; the affected areas therefore suffer alterations due to an inflammatory process of the surrounding adipose tissue.

Since the accumulation of lipids is one of the hypothesized causes for cellulite onset, the use of LightDiodePoration increases the determination of EndoradioMag® treatment, enhancing its effectiveness.


Combine 4 electrodes that emit EP and multipolar RF in asynchronous and sequential activities

RFEP radiofrequency - electroporation

Suitable for all skin types with immediate results and no risk. The effectiveness of the procedure has long-term effects thanks to the stimulation of the skin's natural ability to synthesize new collagen.

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is a revitalizing awakening that encourages skin to stimulate natural revitalization. The branded rejuvenating action by RFEP explicates by stimulating the production of new collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin for reshaping the dermis from the inside. The new head of RFEP combines 4 electrodes that emit EP and RF multipolar in asynchronous and sequential activity that, acting together, stimulate, reactivate and rehabilitate the tissues in depth.

"Solidify" the skin.

The alternation of weight changes, pregnancies, a sedentary lifestyle and chrono-aging are all accomplices which in their succession lead to the progressive loss of tone and softness of the tissues. Although the lack of tone over time inevitably affects the entire body, some areas remain more sensitive than others: face, neck, décolleté, inner thighs, abdomen, arms... and therefore our solution is progressive biorejuvenation! This activity takes place by stimulating natural processes, even if induced. Square-Tech® Radioporation allows a targeted, very pleasant and delicate multidimensional regeneration, which carries out a very powerful targeted action, simultaneously reactivating various physiological mechanisms aimed at restoring tone, firmness and tone to superficial and deep tissues.


Gynoid lipodystrophy (or sclerotic fibro-edematous panniculopathy, commonly called “cellulitis”) is a structural inflammatory disease of the subcutaneous tissue that causes alterations in the skin topography. Evaluation of cellulite is essential both to determine the best treatment and to correctly monitor the results.


For all skin types, even the most difficult. Both for women and men

Fast results

Rapid, safe and non-invasive results, visible from the first treatment

7 Days

With a program of just 7 sessions, it is possible to achieve your goals.


Multitecnology conceived, created and produced in Italy


Easy to use thanks to the ergonomy of the handles and the intuitive interface.


Team of specialized technicians available in your Center


Certified specialist training dedicated to professional body contouring operators.


Rapid return on investment. Very satisfied customers and high profitability.


Acne is one of the 10 most common conditions in the world and its psychological impact is important, with reports of an increased risk of insomnia, depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.



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