Microdermolift improves oxygenation, reydrates and renews the appearance of the skin, promotes metabolism by accelerating the revitalization processes.

Accelerating the Revitalization processes


The Endoface head exerts a mechanical microstimulation of rhytmic massage on the skin surface to reactivate the fibroblast synthesis process. The production of new collagen and natural hyaluronic acid restores part of its volume to the dermis and therefore “lifts and fills” the bottom of the wrinkle. Endoface makes the skin more oxygenated, elastic and more resistant to multiple muscle micro-contractions, often the cause of “expression lines”.

Lifts and fills


The new Radioporation square tech head combines 4 electrodes that irradiate EP and multipolar RF in asynchronous and sequential activity which, timulate, reactivate and rehabilitate the tissue depth. Restore tone , firmness and compactness to the superficial and deep tissues.

Restore Tone and Firmness of tissues

How we do it


For Everyone

For all skin types, even the most difficult. Both for women and men

Fast Results

Fast, safe and non-invasive results, visible from the first treatment

Easy to Use

Easy to use thanks to the ergonomics of the handles and the intuitive interface.

24/7 Support

Team of specialised technicians at your disposal

Made In Italy

Multitechnology conceived, created and produced in Italy


With a program of only 7 sessions you can reach the set goals


Certified specialist training dedicated to professional body contouring operators.

Best Investment

Quick return on investment. Very satisfied customers and high profitability.