Freeze Infusion

Freeze Infusion is MixConcept for injectionfree transdermal of Nano Ceutical.

It uses two different types of treatment: freeze Radiofrequency e freeze Electroporation.


Freeze Radiofrequency

Before using Freeze Radiofrequency, skin aging and collagen deficiency are noted.

During treatment cold-hot effect causes tissue contraction and stimulation of collagen and elastin production

And after, skin cells are activated. collagen increases, skin regains its elasticity and vitality.

Freeze Electroporation

Before using Freeze Electroporation, cell is lack of moisture and nutrition. This harms the ability of cell renewal.

So, during treatment, electric field creates a voltage across cell membrance, bringing about molecular changes which lead to the formation of ultramicropores

Finally, the activate substances penetrate the skin and are absorbed deeply, achieving amazing results.



First Step – Stimulating

Radio Frequency delivers thermal energy deep into the dermal layer without damaging the epidermal layer to promote reproduction of collagen and elastin.

Why Freeze Radiofrequency?

It works issuing Radiofrequency when the poles are at low temperatures producing a COLD-HOT effect. This causes tissue contraction and the stimulation of the collagen and ekastin production.

Second Step – Injecting

Electric impulses act on Freeze Infusion extracts, bringing large moleculars changes which lead to the formulation of nano moleculars. There is a greater penetration of active substances, regarding depth and quantity.

Electric impulses act on the cell membranes and in particular, on the lipid intercellular spaces, bringing about molecular changes which lead to the formation of ultramicropores. These ultramicropores increase the cutaneous permeability.

Advanced cooling system combined with electroporation. It improves localized penetration injecting the Freeze Infusion electro-active, also it improves the permeability of cells texture and enhance solution penetration rate.

Freeze Infusion + REAGE

The selection of specific  programs allows to treat all the imperfections of the face caused by the chrono and photo aging, restoring with immediate effect to the skin a healthy, fresh, vital aspect with an improved compactness thanks to the depth of action of the specific active ingredients.

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