Magnifica® is the development of an innovative and exclusive mix concept

«technology + molecular cosmetics»

Applied simultaneously and synergistically to biorivitalize and biorigenerate the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

A natural and effective biorevitalization, regenerates the skin in depth, making the skin more toned, compact and smooth, without scalpels or needles in maximum comfort and in a totally natural way.

The effectiveness and safety of Magnifica® are documented by clinical studies and in-depth research by our experts, recognized and validated by the international scientific literature of reference.

Few applications, zero recovery times, extraordinary results.

The patient will not have to do anything else but lie down on the bed while the specialist will slide on his face the exclusive criosonic handpiece.

Magnifica + REAGE

The selection of specific  programs allows to treat all the imperfections of the face caused by the chrono and photo aging, restoring with immediate effect to the skin a healthy, fresh, vital aspect with an improved compactness thanks to the depth of action of the specific active ingredients.

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