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Eximia presents XCUBE, an innovative hi-tech full body checkup system.
We all know that same weight could look different, imagine an athlete’s body and a white-collar worker. XCUBE changes the approach for evaluation of weight quality with its fast and non-invasive measurement method. The checkup starts with bio-impedance analysis. Knowing the body composition is essential for weight loss or body contouring as it includes an individual’s muscle and body fat analysis. Bioelectrical Impedance is determined by a number of factors as sex, age, height and weight and physical activity. We analyze fat and lean mass, total body water, basal and active metabolic rate to understand which aesthetic treatment is more adapted to the customer.
XCUBE’s unique detection system requires only 19 seconds for a complete anatomical body visual screening. It creates the 3D avatar for a convincing patient picture, forms realistic expectations. Results standardization is totally digital- always same position, same light and same distance to the cameras, complete database in one PC.

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